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Packaging knowledge

Release date:2020-06-19

Nine layer coextrusion film has good high barrier, high strength, good heat sealing performance, softness and high transparency. Since the nine layer coextrusion membrane has so many advantages, what is its development prospect? Let's discuss with you:

Nine layer coextrusion membrane has very good puncture resistance, and it is also widely used in many industries, such as food industry, medical field, etc., which we will often see in the food industry. Here we can make a little reminder for you. In our daily life, we have cooked meat products, seafood, egg products that we often eat, and meat products, jam, bean products that need vacuum pasteurization. They are also used for anti-oxidation and anti-static packaging of various precision instruments, computer chips, electronic and chemical products. In addition, the outer packaging of infusion bag medical products used in the medical field is also the co extrusion membrane

It can be seen that the demand for nine layer coextrusion film is very large. In the process of development, China will give strong support to the food industry. And with such support, many manufacturers of coextrusion film are also very many. In the 21st century, with such fierce competition, many enterprises continue to make better coextrusion film for China with their own efforts.

In addition, while developing vigorously, China will also give strong support to some small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, some coextrusion membrane production companies can also rely on this support policy and continue to strive for brilliant, so the future development prospect of nine layer coextrusion membrane is immeasurable.