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Packaging knowledge

Release date:2020-06-19

High barrier packaging is internationally recognized as a green, safe and environmentally friendly packaging. Instead of using any adhesive, it uses physical methods to melt and extrude resin raw materials with different functions such as PA, PE, PP, EVA, EVOH, tie, etc. with multiple extruders. It has the characteristics of no pollution, high barrier, strong function, puncture resistance, low cost, corrosion protection and fresh-keeping, flexible structure, etc Point. It is suitable for the packaging of stretching film including freezing, pasteurization and high temperature cooking. Among them, frozen packaging is suitable for the frozen fresh-keeping packaging of meat and seafood below - 18 ℃; pasteurized packaging is suitable for all kinds of cooked meat products, such as legs of fire and sausages, which need vacuum pasteurization; high-temperature cooking packaging is suitable for all kinds of products which need 121 ℃ high-temperature sterilization; stretch film is the preferred material for food enterprises with continuous packaging machines.

What are the advantages of high barrier film packaging? One is oxygen resistance. In the process of processing, heme becomes heme due to the effect of oxygen, which causes the product to fade, promotes fat oxidation and the proliferation of aerobic microorganisms. Therefore, it is very important for product quality and preservation to prevent the contact between product and oxygen. Second, moisture resistance, if the product moisture from the inside of the packaging film, it will affect the flavor and quality of the product. Third, impact resistance (puncture resistance), packaging materials to ensure that meat products in the logistics process impact resistance, not easy to damage. Fourth, cold resistance, frozen meat products packaging at - 45 ℃ low temperature, can still maintain its strength and impact resistance. The fifth is heat resistance, that is, meat products with high softening point, which need high temperature cooking and multiple sterilization, and the packaging materials are required not to deform or expand. Sixth, oil resistance, to prevent the free fat from the meat products from permeating to the outside of the film, so as to ensure the product quality.

Composite packaging material is a kind of material that uses adhesive to glue two layers of plastics together. Most adhesives of composite packaging contain benzene and other harmful substances, which are easy to infiltrate into meat products and pollute food. In addition, its poor barrier, high and low temperature resistance, high damage rate, often lead to deterioration of meat products, resulting in return, affecting brand reputation. High barrier film packaging not only has excellent performance, but also has high quality and low price. For example, the sales price of composite bags with the specifications of 18cm wide, 24cm long and 80 μ m thick is 0.20 yuan / piece, while the price of nine layer co extruded high barrier bags with the same specifications is 0.22 yuan / piece, only 2 cents high. However, these two cents can guarantee the performance, food safety, product quality and low damage rate, and the vacuum degree of composite materials is generally 90%, and the high barrier film can reach 100%.