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Release date:2020-06-19

1. Lightweight packaging materials lead the way. Packaging materials are lightweight and convenient, that is to say, packaging should be used as little as possible under the conditions of meeting the functions of protection, convenience and sales. Nano packaging paper with low weight and high strength and ultra-thin plastic packaging material will become a new favorite in the market.

2. Food grade safety is used for packaging materials.

In recent years, there are many reports about inferior packaging, such as carcinogenic wave of PVC fresh-keeping film, plasticizer, bisphenol A and so on, which cause harm to human beings in food safety. Poly (ethylene terephthalate) (PET) resin without bisphenol A, food grade degradable polyethylene plastics, edible starch plastic packaging materials will be cut in the food packaging.

3. Environmental protection of packaging materials.

For the traditional plastic packaging materials, it has been regarded as the enemy of environmental protection. In recent years, Wal Mart, P & G, Dell and other world-famous companies are abandoning the non degradable plastic packaging materials. In the next few years, non degradable plastic packaging materials will gradually be replaced by environmental protection packaging materials.

The bio reduced plastic packaging material produced by plantic company is composed of 90% corn starch. BASF of Germany introduced the degradation polyester resin, which can be used in film production. The extrusion foaming PP sheet of Italy A-MUT company is the latest development of foam plastics products.

4. The intelligent packaging material has become the development potential.

With the coming of industry 4.0 era, the research and application of intelligent packaging materials will become a new trend of food packaging development, with great market potential. It can be predicted that in the future, intelligent packaging for food will contain more complex, remote readable non visual information. Safety label and radio frequency identification (RFID) label are the first examples of electronic labels. In addition to product identification information, production date, price, etc., electronic labels can also be used as time temperature, leakage or freshness indicators.

5. The novelty, diversification and multi-function of packaging materials.

The aggravation of market competition makes the difference between similar products gradually reduce, the homogeneity of commodity use value gradually increase, and the dependence of product sales on the effect of external packaging display is growing.

In the market demand of new packaging materials, it also presents obvious diversity and richness, which is mainly reflected in the material types, morphological structure, texture texture and the combination and comparison between each other. Some designers also creatively use deformation, hollowing, combination and other processing methods to enrich the appearance of materials, give new images to materials, and emphasize the aesthetic value of material design.

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