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Company culture

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Through the active creation and unremitting efforts of all employees, we will continuously enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, continuously create value for customers, continuously create huge material and spiritual wealth for the society, and continuously improve and improve the quality of life of employees.


Become the world's excellent supplier of high barrier coextruded stretched film

Core value:

Customer first: Set and create services according to customer needs to help customers enhance their competitiveness.

People-oriented: establish the concept that superiors serve as subordinates and employees serve customers.

Efficient management: unified concepts and goals, rich knowledge and skills, firm execution and close teamwork.


Community of Destiny: The perfect KPI performance evaluation mechanism reflects the distribution principle that employees pay and get proportional

Community of interests: advanced customer service feedback system, which closely integrates the improvement of employee service quality with the interests of customers

Business community: continuously provide value-added services to customers and establish long-term strategic partnerships with customers.

Quality and management

Our quality management, environmental protection and sanitation measures have always been designed and developed to meet strict international standards and our discerning customers.

All food packaging and industrial packaging refer to strict quality and performance standards. We are regularly audited by our customers, partners and independent testing centers. As a recognized packaging partner and maintaining a trust relationship, we must always be ready to prove that we deserve our customers' trust in us.

All Changxi workplaces are certified according to ISO9001:2008. Establish a complete quality monitoring system from raw material procurement to production, storage and transportation, product use, maintenance, etc. to ensure that customers obtain superior quality products.