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Quality system

Based on the global food and medical accessory product quality standards and industry specifications, the company fully implements the ERP management system and production process network tracking informationization, and establishes a strict and effective quality management system.

Passed the ISO international quality system certification, the products meet the US FDA standards, and passed the inspection of the National Plastic Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

The central computer accurately controls the speed of each extruder and the quantitative feeding system with a precision of up to one thousandth, which fully guarantees the stability of the product. The advanced online closed-loop thickness control system accurately controls the thickness of each meter in the vertical and horizontal directions Distribution, with 24-hour QC offline product detection and tracking, to ensure continuous and stable product performance.

We are equipped with sophisticated oxygen permeability, water permeability, layer thickness analysis, tensile testing, friction series and other inspection instruments, with an experienced, skilled and innovative group of high-efficiency, spare no effort to pursue continuous process and process improvement, we guarantee Provide a complete product traceability process, through the global food and medical accessories product quality standards and industry specifications, provide product detailed documentation, rigorous testingprocess and comprehensive product test data.