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Sustainability of Changxi Packaging

For us, sustainability means using innovative packaging in order to provide ideal protection for food and industrial products, thereby preserving valuable resources.

People, environment and economy

The pillars of our sustainable thinking and action:

human being

Our employees have played an important role in the success of Changxi. Changxi’s employee incentive plan long ago included personal goals as a constituent element and recommended plan appointments-as well as occupational safety, health care and continuous training for all personnel.


Changxi’s environmental-related activities are designed not only to meet food regulations and standards, but also to ensure that products can be packaged in an ideal manner, while also meeting strict regulatory, environmental, and economic requirements.


Production efficiency is a key factor in our films and other products. In order to achieve our goals, we constantly develop and optimize our top technology and efficient processes. Through first-class protection and preservation of the contents of the package, the energy consumption of the entire value chain is reduced, and highly flexible product development is achieved.