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Innovative design

When it comes to innovative design and development, as an extension of your own team, we truly understand you, your products and your packaging needs so that we can develop an innovative and sustainable solution to meet all your needs.

Our innovative design team is composed of many experts who understand packaging. They have rich packaging design experience, packaging technology knowledge, film development and printing experience. We provide customers with packaging design support. The Changxi innovation team is always there when you need it to answer any questions about the innovative development of packaging solutions.

Packaging design services include:

Market research and trend exploration

Conceptualization, development and design of packaging concepts

Project management

Packaging feasibility assessment

Support for material selection

Production of packaging samples

Seminar and training

Samples and trial production

It is crucial to make your product just right. In order to achieve this goal, we will focus on optimizing the structure of the membrane, testing various multilayer structures and sealing layers, proofing and trial production before formal production. If necessary, we can prepare several different designs that will use the same materials for production, ensuring that all trial products look and feel the same as the final product. This not only helps guide the development of the product, but it can ultimately save you time and money。