Coextrusion stretch film forming packaging


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EVOH film


It is made of nine-layer under-blow water cooling process and has a thickness of 60-350um.The product is made of EVOH coextrusion material, which not only has excellent barrier property, but also has very excellent sealing performance; it has high oxygen resistance, high water resistance, keeps its own fragrance, even stretching, strong heat sealing performance and puncture resistance, good organic performance, and effectively reduces the probability of microbial cross infection. The use of high barrier material can reduce additives The use of preservatives can prolong the shelf life and shelf life of food. The product complies with FDA certification and can be directly contacted with food.

Thermoforming packaging process diagram

①Film roll② Warm up③ Thermoforming④ Filling interval⑤ coding⑥ Cover film roll⑦ Base film and cover film heat sealing⑧ Slitting